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Bus Shelter Advertising


Impact & Reach

Get your brand on the move with Street Media's Bus Shelter Advertising. With strategically placed bus shelters across Malta's busiest roads, your brand will have the perfect opportunity to make an impression on tens of thousands of consumers as they go about their day.

Our static ad format offers big impact with a sleek and uncluttered design that stands out from the crowd. Each ad is printed with glossy, magazine-quality finish and can be displayed on a single or multiple panels for maximum exposure.

Plus, our illuminated LED advert-boxes mounted in glass not only make your brand look great but ensure your ads remain sharp and visible, day and night. Combine with digital ads to turbocharge your impact and reach.


Cost-effective and attention-grabbing, our bus shelter ads make every penny count.


Visible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic all across Malta, our bus shelter ads have extensive reach.


Stand out from the crowd with high-visibility ads that will make your brand shine, night and day.


Make an impact with our magazine-quality printed ads that give your brand the space it deserves to be noticed.

Bus Shelter Advertising.

Stand out
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